Visit to Liège Airport at the invitation of Heli and Co. Many new ideas and impressions emerged. Many thanks for the hospitality!


A new partner has been using HeliBlog since October 2020. The company alpinlift from Nidwalden in Switzerland now uses our tool for their daily workflow. You can find alpinlift under the address: https://www.alpinlift.ch

Server hosting

For the programmes created by us, we offer you your own server including domain. The host runs on a server in Germany including all necessary and common applications. Please contact us.


In addition to our main field of activity, software programming for helicopter companies, we offer other products and services:

1. creation of websites
2. appointment and order management for hotels and catering
3. commissioned work
4. server hosting

Our flagship: HeliBlog 2.0

With HeliBlog, we have created software that optimally supports the daily workflow of your airline.Starting with the acceptance of orders, through resource planning of crew and aircraft, to the evaluation of individual flight movements in accordance with official requirements, every employee of your company has a homogeneous and easy-to-use tool at his or her disposal.

Designed as a web application, HeliBlog is also suitable for companies with distributed locations. Every authorised employee with Internet access is thus able to find out about the latest plans released for him, to call up the most up-to-date data and to enter new data.

Do you have questions about our programme. Click here for support. Please note: The support pages are currently only available in German. If you have urgent problems, please do not hesitate to call us.

About Us

Founded in 1999, heliware.de (at that time still "formcare.ch") started developing software relatively quickly, in addition to creating websites and related advertising material. Our applications were especially tailored to smaller medium-sized companies. Thus, solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry were created and from 2002 on, our program "HeliBlog" was used to create a tool for various airlines, which was unique at that time.

Initially operating under the name "formcare.ch", the software development was then separated from the advertising sector in 2006 and has since been operating in Germany under the name heliware.de. The company formcare.ch still exists in Raron, Switzerland, and has continued to expand its portfolio. A close partnership between the two companies is still in place.


  • Air Zermatt AG

    Thanks to the close cooperation with Air Zermatt AG and the significant input from the flying and administrative staff, HeliBlog was perfectly tailored to the requirements of a helicopter company. The mountain rescuers from the Valais have been working with our software since 2002.

  • Air Glaciers SA

    Another big player in the field of helicopter aviation, Air Glaciers SA, chose HeliBlog as its administrative software in 2014 and has been using it daily for planning and statistics ever since.

  • Alpinlift

    Since 2020, the helicopter company Alpinlift from Nidwalden (Switzerland) has been using HeliBlog as a daily tool for planning, implementing and tracking its flights.

Contact Us

Buchenweg 3
D-33790 Halle (Westf.)
eMail: info@heliware.de

Your contact person : Jacq R. Schustek